High School to Fly BLM Flag in February

A high school in Vermont plans to fly a Black Lives Matter flag throughout the month of February.

Republican state Rep. Thomas Terenzini told WPTZ that the decision by Montpelier High School was “a bad example.”

“I don’t see myself as being a bigot or prejudiced but I just don’t think that Black Lives Matter is a national organization to look up [to],” Terenzini said.

The Montpelier school board unanimously approved a request by the school’s Racial Justice Alliance to fly the flag every school day in February, which is Black History Month. Superintendent Brian Ricca told the station the board’s decision was part of a larger campaign to promote social justice causes.

“This is integral to other meaningful and purposeful work around equity that is happening in Montpelier Public Schools,” Ricca said. “This is not a singular event.”

The Racial Justice Alliance was created by student Joelyn Mensah, who told the station that she had been subject to racist comments by classmates.

“I feel like raising this flag will show that we are here and we’re here to be heard and we want to be represented in our education,” she told WPTZ. “I think it’s very fair to say that we are pretty much robbed of our education.”

Ricca said that he recognized that not everyone would agree with the board’s decision and said they “welcome those voices into a constructive and peaceful dialogue, in the hopes of deepening our shared understanding of race and privilege in our education system and broader community.”

Cartels send Staggering $64B in drugs to US annually

Mexican official: Cartels send $64B in drugs into US annually

President Trump’s proposed border Wall along the southwest border could cost Mexico more than just the price of building it. An official estimated that cartels send a staggering $64 billion worth of drugs into the U.S. every single year.

Mexico’s former Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna dropped the number at a conference in Ciudad Juarez. Luna said drug trafficking organizations have successfully exploited globalization, technology and financial markets to supply America’s appetite for narcotics, according to the Latin American Herald Tribune.

In 2013, Forbes named Luna one of the country’s top 10 most corrupt officials, and he has long been alleged to have ties to Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s Sinaloa Cartel.

The Mexican heroin and methamphetamine economy is booming, which is evident in the extraordinary rise of heroin and drug overdoses in the U.S.

Over 99 percent of all marijuana and methamphetamine seized at U.S. borders has come from Mexico, a colossal cache of over 8.2 million pounds since 2013 and a demonstration of the efforts by drug cartels to feed America’s habit.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection seizure figures show that in 2015, 99.8 percent of methamphetamine and 99.9 percent of marijuana seized in the U.S. came from the southern border. Another 61 percent of cocaine seizures were on the West Coast, mostly California, suggesting that Colombian drug cartels are looking for a new route in.

According to a new project from DrugAbuse.com, Border Patrol officers seized a staggering 1.5 million pounds of drugs last year.

The report shows where the drugs have been seized by the Border Patrol. It does not indicate where drugs delivered that eluded capture ended up.

However, it reveals that the Border Patrol has seen tremendous successes in sniffing out drugs.

“Since 2012, the number of traffickers apprehended at U.S. borders has steadily increased from 364,768 to nearly 500,000 in 2014,”

Drug amounts seized at the border from 2012 to 2015 include:

— 8.2 million lbs. of marijuana.

— 32,600 lbs. of cocaine.

— 34,000 ounces of heroin.

— 17,600 lbs. of methamphetamine.

Still, despite the record-high seizures, drug deaths have also surged in the U.S.

According to the DrugAbuse.com report:

Increased drug trafficking in the U.S. has led to an epidemic level of overdoses, surpassing car accidents and firearms as the leading cause of injury and death among Americans. Drug abuse is ending too many lives, too soon.

According to data from the DEA, the number of drug overdoses has climbed more than 50% in the last decade. Death and injury can be traced back to drug-related violence, overdoses from illicit drug use, accidental deaths as a result of drug abuse and injury or death related to smuggling.

While the production of some drugs takes place within our borders, foreign drug trade into the U.S. is largely responsible for the number of dead or injured. Drug abuse has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and the government allots billions of dollars each year to counter the growing epidemic.

Building the wall, which President Trump famously said Mexico will pay for, will stop the twin tides of illegal immigrants and deadly drugs.

“Drug smugglers will always get creative and look for new ways to evade law enforcement, but without any kind of infrastructure we’re essentially inviting them to cross the land border either on vehicle or by foot,” Duncan Hunter (R-CA) “In San Diego, the double-fence halted vehicle drug drive throughs—in other words, there haven’t been any.

Hunter said improvements in the fencing and Border Patrol strategies have dropped the smuggling of people and narcotics significantly.

President Trump tied the heroin epidemic gripping suburban white communities to the issue central to the campaign: border security and illegal immigration.

The rate of heroin-related overdoses has nearly quadrupled between 2002 and 2013, with more than 8,200 deaths that year, according to the Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention.

President Trump argues that this too is tied to weak borders.

Southwest Asia supplies heroin to most of the rest of the world, nearly all of the heroin available in the United States comes from Mexico and South America.

“Mexico, and to a lesser extent, Colombia, dominate the U.S. heroin market, because of their proximity, established transportation and distribution infrastructure, and ability to satisfy US heroin demand,” the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration wrote in its National Drug Threat Assessment of 2015.

“Mexico continues as the primary supplier of heroin to the United States,” the White House’s page on the international heroin market reads.

“Estimated cultivation of opium poppy reached 10,500 hectares in 2012, with an estimated pure potential production of 26 metric tons.”

Here’s a chart from the DEA report demonstrating the prevalence of heroin from the southern border:

As you can see, South America and Mexico have been the sources for much of the heroin in U.S. markets for the past two decades.

In recent years, Mexican traffickers have expanded by simultaneously wedging black tar heroin into Northeastern markets dominated by Colombian white powder heroin and increasing production and distribution of white powder heroin themselves.

Mexican heroin accounted for 45 percent of the total weight of heroin the DEA seized and analyzed in 2012 (South American heroin accounted for 51 percent). By 2014, the proportion of Mexican heroin had grown to 79 percent (South American heroin made up about 17 percent), DEA spokesman Russell Baer told PolitiFact.

This market share is also reflected in the amount of heroin seized at the border and the amount grown in Mexico.

From 2013 to 2015, the amount of poppy fields cultivated in Mexico increased by 169 percent from 11,000 hectares to 28,000 hectares, according to Baer.

In 2008, the total amount of heroin seized at the U.S.-Mexico border (about 560 kilograms) surpassed the amount seized from commercial airlines for the first time (about 400 kilograms). Border seizures nearly quadrupled from 2008 to 2015 (2,210 kilograms), according to data provided to us by Baer.

“The majority of the drugs in the U.S. market are trafficked across the Southwest Border from Mexico into the US. Southwest Border seizures conducted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, while not the complete picture, provide insight into trafficking trends,” he said.

Traffickers typically smuggle the drugs in through secret compartments in vehicles across the border (illegally and legally), transport them to stash houses in hub cities like Dallas, Los Angeles and Phoenix, and then distribute to the Midwest and East Coast.

Here’s a map from the Justice Department that shows how heroin moves through the United States:

The vast majority of heroin in the United States comes from Mexico and South America.

Until we erect a real Wall, the War on drugs is just a small band aid as they will just keep pouring in. Call your Congressman today and demand funding for the Wall immediately or sign President Trumps official “Build The Wall” Petition to the US Senate below.


Kid Rock donates his merchandise money to voter registration

Detroit City Cowboy and American Badass, Kid Rock has donated about $122,000 from sales of merchandise from his U.S. Senate campaign to a voter-registration organization.

The Detroit Rockstar Philanthropist, who has been a huge advocate for Michigan and Detroit, teased the public for months. At a September concert, he was introduced as Michigan’s “next senator.” And had a highly successful and supported run up until October, when he confirmed he wasn’t running.

His supporters were happy to see somebody Patriotic, who supported President Trumps America First policies, unlike the radical Dems who hold the Michigan Senate Seats now.

Kid Rock’s publicist, Jay Jones, said in an email to The Detroit News that money raised from political merchandise was sent to CRNC Action, an affiliate of the College Republican National Committee that did voter-registration work last summer at Kid Rock concerts.

Ted Dooley, president of CRNC Action, says the donation was made in December. He says registering voters at the concerts was “pretty much like other voter registration work we do … except a lot more fun.”

The College Republicans will utilize the money to fight the battle against illegal voting and voter registration here in Michigan and across the Country.

Starbucks: Tax Reform reason for raises, benefits and thousands of new jobs

Starbucks made an announcement Wednesday saying it will invest $250 million on pay raises, new jobs, and stock options for its 150,000 partners at the company’s stores, plants, and support centers across the Country.

Starbucks cited “recent changes in the U.S. tax law” for its decision to boost employee benefits and create 8,000 new retail jobs and 500 manufacturing positions at its plant in Augusta, GA.

“Just as we have always felt strongly that our partners are key to our business success, we have also known offering a valuable, comprehensive benefits package helps us retain our valuable partners. The value of Starbucks benefit package is unmatched by other retailers and provides thousands of dollars above the value of other companies compensation offerings,” said Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson in a statement.

Starbucks will reinvest $120 million toward raising employee wages across the company.

On April 16 — the day after the individual tax filing deadline — the Seattle-based company will dish out $100 million in stock options to workers. Hourly retail employees will receive complimentary $500 stock shares and store managers will get $2,000.

Will this liberal Icon and social headquarters of the radical left finally prove to their followers that Trumps Tax Reform is in fact making a YUGE impact on jobs and the economy?… We will see…

DOJ to subpoena 23 jurisdictions over sanctuary city policies

The DOJ on Wednesday threatened to subpoena 23 jurisdictions across the country if they don’t turn over information about their sanctuary city policies toward illegal aliens.

In letters to New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and other jurisdictions, the Justice Department demanded records relating to whether these localities are “unlawfully restricting information sharing by law enforcement officers with federal immigration authorities.”

“I continue to urge all jurisdictions under review to reconsider policies that place the safety of their communities and their residents at risk,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement. “Protecting criminal aliens from federal immigration authorities defies common sense and undermines the rule of law.”

The letters state that jurisdictions that fail to respond will be subject to a DOJ subpoena.

“Sanctuary cities” is a phrase typically used to describe jurisdictions that restrict local law enforcement from sharing information about the immigration status of those in custody with the federal government.

“We have seen too many examples of the threat to public safety represented by jurisdictions that actively thwart the federal government’s immigration enforcement—enough is enough,” Sessions said.

The DOJ letter requests documents “reflecting any orders, directives, instructions, or guidance to your law enforcement employees” about how to “communicate with the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and/or Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

Federal funding could be withheld and the DOJ may demand the return of 2016 federal funding some of the cities have already received if they cannot prove they are complying with Federal Law, Senior DOJ Officials said.

Suzzanne Monk announces Her New Chairmanship At Stand With POTUS PAC

New Era Of Patriotism Sees Trump Supporters Engaging Their Government Like Never Before.
Patriot Suzzanne Monk Discusses The Phenomenon, Her New Chairmanship At Stand With POTUS PAC And What She Is Doing To Help MAGA.
The Trump victory has ushered in a new era of patriotism and across the country Trump supporters are getting involved in their government at levels not seen in decades, if ever. Whether it be running for office, working on campaigns, or joining political organizations, pro-Trump patriots are taking on a new level of engagement and responsibility in a government by, of and for the people.
While the Fake News rambles on about the “blue rebound” they claim is coming in 2018, hundreds and even thousands of patriots nationwide are taking up the mantle of political work from a reticent Republican party and doing the work themselves to win more republican seats for the GOP to help enact the MAGA agenda.
Recently fellow patriot and friend of PFAUSA, Suzzanne Monk was selected as chairperson of Stand With POTUS PAC. The PAC, founded in 2017, was created to support the President’s agenda and the MAGA movement that stands with President Trump. It’s recent selection of Trump activist and Chicago Trump Street Team founder Monk was a natural fit for the PAC’s mission and is emblematic of a new generation of politics born in the Trump Era.
Suzzanne spoke with PFAUSA about her new position and the growing role of MAGA patriots in politics.
“It’s truly a phenomenon we are witnessing. There are patriots across the country running for office, running campaigns, or like I am, getting involved with funding and poltiical organizing. This is a new era, truly, in America, a dawning of a new generation of refounders, people dedicated to restoring America to it’s Constitutional glory. I don’t see anything like this on the left.”
While the left puts up token candidates like convicted traitor Chelsea Manning, the Trump movement has hundreds of pro-Trump candidates running for office in every state across the country and at all levels of government. Monk tells us Stand With POTUS PAC is sponsoring a database of pro-Trump candidates to be launched this month.
“You’ll be able to search by state and by office. The candidates are all candidates who openly have stated support for the president, or as incumbants have voted with the president over 90% of the time. While we encourage you to do more research, this website will be a good place to start finding pro-Trump candidates to support.”
“Stand With POTUS PAC is proud to be able to sponsor the site, because we are deeply committed to helping the president enact the MAGA agenda, and he’s definitely going to need more supportive voices in Congress. The PAC and I can help make that happen, and the database is just the beginning. We are preparing a full court press to help support our MAGA candidates nationwide, organizing and connecting fellow patriots and the MAGA movement together to help us work more effectively as a focused movement. Though the establishment is going to be tough on us, we have seen what we patriots can do in the 2016 election, and we HAVE to keep winning to make sure our 2016 victory can turn into more victories in 2018 and 2020. Our country is depending on us, and I know I for one won’t let our country down,”
Monk knows the price of being a proud Trump supporter. She and her husband were forced to close thier Chicago music store after being threatened and slandered for being Trump supporters by members of RefuseFascism.org and Chicago communists. Despite the loss and upheaval caused by leftist hate, Monk’s dedication to President Trump never wavered. She and husband Alexander have relocated to the DC area, where Monk now broadcasts her daily live show Trump Talk US and heads Stand With POTUS PAC while writing and advocating for our President.
“It’s an honor to be able to do the work of making our country great again, but it’s not easy work, and I can’t do it alone. Working with Stand With POTUS has made it possible to do more for the movement than I ever could alone, and I hope your readers will help me accomplish more great MAGA things by donating to the PAC.”
Suzzanne drops us a few hints of projects to come for Stand WIth POTUS.
“We are hosting a MAGA Lounge at CPAC this year, to have a place for pro-Trump conservatives to meet and coordinate. We are also working on a fall MAGA Conference and Training going into the 2018 midterm elections. All through 2018 we will be hosting events in support of our MAGA candidates, doing voter education and sponsoring registration drives. Stand With POTUS is dedicated to doing exactly what the name says, standing with our president, just as I have ever since he came down that escalator. We are truly making America great again once project and one donation at a time. We are living in amazing times, and we finally have a chance to take our country back. And hundreds, even thousands, heck even millions of patriots are doing just that.”
If you would like to help Stand With POTUS PAC continue their mission to help our President make America great again, you can visit WWW.StandWithPOTUS.Com
You can find out more about Suzzanne Monk and her patriot work at WWW.MAGAWoman.Com and can catch her daily livecast on FB at Trump Talk US
Patriots for America USA is proud to stand with our POTUS, and stand with patriot Suzzanne Monk for all she does for our country and our president.

Protesters: “If Chuck won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep.”

NEW YORK (AP) – Protesters continue to rally and protest outside Sen. Chuck Schumer’s house in Brooklyn NY to denounce the deal to end the government shutdown without protections for illegal aliens.

About 75 people held signs demanding “Clean Dream Act Now” and “No! Not One More Deportation!” Some chanted “If Chuck won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep.”

Senate Democrats – led by Schumer – angered liberal activists and illegals Monday by yielding on GOP demands to reopen the government without an immigration deal to protect from deporting young illegal aliens known as “Dreamers.”

Tuesday’s protest was organized by local groups including Make the Road New York.

Expect Major Tax Hikes in Sanctuary Cities Starting 10/1

You have been warned!

Sanctuary Cities are schedule to lose billions of dollars in federal tax dollars if they continue to ignore, and break federal immigration law.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is gearing up to play a greater role in immigration enforcement.

Sessions recent visit to Nogales, Arizona, was significant because it is at the center of the illegal alien superhighway into Arizona.  The porous Tohono O’odhom Indian Reservation to the west, Tucson is one hour to the north, and the long, flat border that runs over a hundred miles to the east to the New Mexico border, close to the location where U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in 2010 by smugglers.

He made his case, calling for increased prosecutions of illegal immigrants, pressuring U.S. attorneys to prioritize cases against criminal migrants.

Sessions, a long-time advocate for tougher immigration enforcement, told ICE agents at the Port of Nogales, that more illegal aliens should be prosecuted as criminals.

Sessions made the visit to highlight his focus on enforcing federal immigration laws as dozens of U.S. cities try to shield illegal aliens from stepped-up prosecution and deportation efforts.

“Why are we doing this?” Sessions asked, “Because it is what the duly enacted laws of the United States require.”

Sanctuary Cities that persist in ignoring federal immigration authorities have been told by Sessions that they risk losing federal grant money. Seattle, Washington and its Mayor Ed Murray are suing, calling the Executive Order punishing Sanctuary Cities, unconstitutional.

The Trump administration has threatened to cut off U.S. Justice Department grants to so-called sanctuary cities that fail to assist federal immigration authorities.

Police in such cities have argued that targeting illegal migrants is an improper use of law enforcement resources. Sessions has said a failure to deport aliens convicted of criminal offenses puts whole communities at risk.

Under U.S. law, anyone who harbors or transports an undocumented immigrant, has crossed the border illegally two or more times, resists an immigration officer’s arrest or commits travel document fraud is subject to criminal prosecution.

This drama, with all the feet stomping temper tantrums, is going to play out for the next six months.  The new fiscal year for the federal government begins on October 1, at which time it is expected that federal money to sanctuary cities, counties, states, colleges, etc. will be stopped.

We are talking about Billions of federal tax dollars that will cease to flow to recipients who refuse to help enforce federal immigration law.  And that presents a problem to local government bureaucrats.  Knowing that most bureaucracies are incapable of cutting budgets, the money will have to be found elsewhere, and we know the state and local governments will be looking at the pockets of their taxpayers to make up for the lost federal money.

Expect tax increases to be part of the legislative agenda around the country this year, as elected officials (Democrats) move to fill the substantial gap in their funding when federal money is cut off.

Expect increases in the state income tax, state and local sales tax, gasoline tax, property tax, estate taxes.  Expect bond issues to be suggested to keep the bureaucracy funded, heaping even more debt on future generations.

And with the tax hikes, will come another reality of the result of supporting illegal aliens and thumbing one’s nose at federal law enforcement.

Sanctuary City status will then become more than just an item of debate to most workers, voters,and taxpayers.  When they learn they are paying even more taxes to support illegal aliens, perhaps we will see some pushback against the lawless bureaucrats.

If you happen to be a tax paying citizen living in a sanctuary State or City it would be in your best interest to start calling your congressmen and banning together to fight against these lawless Democrats. Fight to have your voice heard as a legal American Citizen and demand that you be put first before any illegal, or you will soon pay dearly in massive state and local tax hikes.

DTE Energy announces YUGE reduction in rates due to tax reform

President Trump Rocks Michigan again with another YUGE WIN!

DETROIT – DTE Energy announced Tuesday that their customers will be seeing big savings on their electric and gas bills as a result of President Trumps tax reform.

The company said that customers will see about a 3 percent reduction in their rates due to a lower corporate tax.

Read DTE’s full statement below.

The recent passage of the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will offer benefits to energy customers across the country – including DTE’s utility customers here in Michigan. The reduction of the corporate tax rate will result in lower bills for DTE’s 2.2 million electric and 1.3 million gas customers.

In 2018, a savings of nearly $190 million will be passed along to customers.

As this tax reduction works through the regulatory process, our average electric and gas customers will see a reduction in their rates of about 3 percent. The reduction in rates due to the tax law change will be a significant infusion into the Michigan economy as our customers will enjoy this benefit for years to come.

Trump imposes harsh tariffs on imported washers & solar panels

President Trump adds another campaign promise to the giant heap of winning, imposing harsh tariffs on imported washing machines and solar panels on Monday, marking his first moves to erect trade restrictions under seldom-used trade laws that allow unilateral actions.

The decisions in the two “Section 201” safeguard cases followed findings by the U.S. International Trade Commission that both imported products “are a substantial cause of serious injury to domestic manufacturers,” U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement.

The washer tariffs exceeded the harshest recommendations from ITC members, while the solar tariffs were lower than domestic producers had hoped for.

President Trump will impose a 20 percent tariff on the first 1.2 million imported large residential washers in the first year, and a 50 percent tariff on machines above that number. The tariffs decline to 16 percent and 40 percent respectively in the third year.

A 30 percent tariff will be imposed on imported solar cells and modules in the first year, with the tariffs declining to 15 percent by the fourth year. The tariff allows 2.5 gigawatts of unassembled solar cells to be imported tariff-free in each year.

Whirlpool Corp, which brought the washers “safeguard” case against rivals Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics after years of anti-dumping cases, stands to benefit from the decision.

“This announcement caps nearly a decade of litigation and will result in new manufacturing jobs in Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee,” Whirlpool Chairman Jeff Fettig said in a statement.

“By enforcing our existing trade laws, President Trump has ensured American workers will compete on a level playing field with their foreign counterparts.”

The decisions were the first of several potential tariff actions that Trump may take in the coming weeks and months. He is considering recommendations on import restrictions for steel and aluminum on national security grounds under a 1962 trade law and tariffs or other trade sanctions against China over its intellectual property practices.

The intellectual property, washer and solar panel probes were done under a 1974 trade law that has been seldom invoked since the World Trade Organization was launched in 1995.

The domestic solar panel producers who sought the trade remedies wanted tariffs of 50 percent – the highest allowed under law. Petitioners Suniva and SolarWorld have said they cannot compete with the influx of cheap imports, mostly from China.

Solar panel prices have dropped more than 30 percent since early 2016, benefiting buyers but harming producers across the globe.

Suniva, applauded the decision, saying:

“Over the last 5 years, nearly 30 American solar manufacturers collapsed. Today the President is sending a message that American innovation and manufacturing will not be bullied out of existence without a fight.”