NFL Thursday Night Football Ratings crash as protests and boycotts continue 

As the snowballing anti-Anthem demonstrators rage on, the NFL is seeing a record drop in numbers due to fans boycotting their Games. 

The Packers Bears Game Thursday night brought CBS a 9.9 out of 18, down 13 percent from last year’s Thursday Night Football opener.

The 2016 NFL ratings are down 27 percent from ratings set in 2015. This years football opener being down 40 percent from 2015 is setting a harsh trend for the anti-Anthem NFL. 

As the NFL prepares for week 4 the ratings are not looking to good. Perhaps this will be a wake up call. 

Ratings for Week 2 for Sunday night football are down double-digits over ratings from 2016, seeing the lowest numbers in decades. 

Since the NFL will not listen to their Patriotic American loving fans that pay their bills, maybe they will listen to their wallets when they start loosing money to the tune of hundreds of Millions of dollars. 
Perhaps the NFL should have took their fans more seriously as a poll last year cited that 44% of their viewers said they would stop watching the NFL if protests against the national anthem continued. A J.D. Power survey also showed that the anthem protests were the main reason they stopped watching NFL games.


One thought on “NFL Thursday Night Football Ratings crash as protests and boycotts continue ”

  1. The NFL can’t be trying to justify why they kneel, be it before the anthem or during….I’m not watching another NFL game until they apologize to America and stop there childish behavior

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