Trump sets 7 year record of bombing against Terrorists in Afghanistan 

The Military Times just reported a 7-year record high number of bombing missions performed by the US Military Against Jihadist groups in Afghanistan last September.   

There was a 50 percent increase in bombs dropped between August and September, the largest number recorded since 2010. The dramatic increase in bombs dropped followed President Trump’s Aug. 21 address promising a continued U.S. presence in Afghanistan until conditions on the ground will allow for a U.S. withdrawal.

Following the address, Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis immediately authorized the deployment of an additional 3,000 American troops to Afghanistan and stated to Congress Oct. 3 that new rules of engagement would be put in place against Taliban insurgents. The rules will allow American airstrikes on Taliban forces anywhere in the country.

Obama, micro managing the fight in Afghanistan and disregarding the wishes of his Generals restricted all U.S. air strikes to targeting the Taliban only when they were attacking U.S. or Afghan Security Forces. This allowed militants to maintain safe zones and have free reign throughout the country, knowing full well they would be safe from American hell fire. But that time has come to pass!. 

Now that a real Commander in Chief is in office who lets his Generals do what needs to be done against the terrorist groups, we are decimating Jihadist forces with American Air Strikes and delivering capabilities to the Afghan National Security Forces to help destroy them on the ground!. 

Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan Gen. John Nicholson pledged Saturday that “a tidal wave of air power is on the horizon” after the delivery of dozens of UH-60 black hawk helicopters. 

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