New security screenings for US-bound passengers start today! 

The Trump administration is delivering yet again another one of President Trumps campaign promises to secure America. Even as the administration has to fight through the red tape of the liberal Judges unconstitutionally holding up the Presidents Travel-Ban or more specifically a “Terror-Ban”. They are doing what they can to keep us safe. 

Starting today, new security measures are being implemented at airports across the country and they will affect anyone flying into the United States from another country, including Americans coming home from a trip abroad.

The new, stringent security measures went into effect at midnight Thursday, and some of the first passengers to undergo the checks are expected to land at Logan Airport in Boston later Thursday morning.
New security measures apply to all flights to the US and d it doesn’t matter where you’re flying from.

International travelers at Logan all had one experience in common – enhanced security procedures at their point of departure.

“I don’t like to be held up, but I like to be safe,” One passenger said.

The security enhancements cover passengers’ personal electronics like laptops and cell phones, and they will have to undergo short interviews.

The measures were announced in June and were implemented Thursday.

The changes aren’t the result of a specific threat, but just a general concern among the Trump administration as they try to finally secure our Country.

“There were rumors that terrorist organizations were trying to work with, you know, laptops and phones and other electronic items to see just how much explosive material they were able to get into those items,” Dan Linsky said.

The new layer of security will involve random checks, but it targets all international flights entering the United States.

About 2,100 land at Logan every day.

With all passengers potentially subjected to enhanced security whether they’re visiting or coming home.

“I have no problem when I’m checked more heavily because I think it’s better to be safe,” one international passenger said.


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