Number of refugees entering the US drops 87% under Trump Administration 

New reports show that Refugee admittance to the United States has dropped drastically under the Trump administration.

Admission to the United States is down 87 percent in the first month of the fiscal year 2018. The number has dropped from 9945 refugees last fiscal year to 1242 this year. 

Muslim refugee entry slowed from 45 percent to 23 percent. Showing President Trump has had an impact on the Caliphate Islamic Jihadists had hoped to bring to America. 

President Trump has ordered “enhanced vetting” now that his ban on refugees on certain countries known to harbor terrorism has expired.

President Obama capped refugees per year at 110,000. Trump has lowered that number to 45,000 for the fiscal year that started last month.

In the coming years we can only hope the number drops to zero refugees per year as we should be taking care of our own first. An America First agenda is why we elected President Trump an that is exactly what we expect to see, AMERICA FIRST! 

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