China Energy Investment signs $83.7 Billion in West Virginia energy projects. 

China Energy Investment Corp, the world’s largest power company by asset has just signed on to invest $83.7 billion in shale gas, power and chemical projects in West Virginia. 

The agreement was the biggest among many deals signed during President Trump’s 13-day Asian trip. President Trump is proving his master negotiating skills with the value of the deals done during the Presidents trip totaling as much as $250 billion. 

West Virginia’s Department of Commerce said in its announcement Thursday that the deals will likely help create jobs in West Virginia and lift its economy.

West Virginia’s gross domestic product declined 0.9 percent in 2016, reversing growth seen in 2015, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

“From driving growth and creating jobs to maximizing America’s energy potential, the benefits for West Virginia and the country from this new investment will be significant,” said U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia, according to the statement from the state’s Department of Commerce.

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