Illegal Alien previously deported arrested for stabbing a woman with screwdriver

An MS-13 gang member wanted for murder in El Salvador was arrested in Colorado on Friday after he allegedly stabbed a woman with a screwdriver and ran over her leg, police said.

Angel Ramos, 36, an illegal alien who was previously deported from the U.S., was arrested Friday, FOX31 Denver reported.

Ramos and a Fort Morgan woman were in a car on Nov. 4 when Ramos allegedly stabbed her with a screwdriver. The woman jumped out of the moving vehicle to escape Ramos, and the car ran over her leg, police said.

Ramos then tried to put the woman in the vehicle’s trunk before fleeing the scene, FOX31 Denver reported.

He was captured after a weeklong manhunt.

Investigators say Ramos is a member of the deadly MS-13 gang and is wanted for murder in El Salvador.

“We’ve noticed a lot of people that have been fugitives that are hiding out here because they think they are not going to stick out,” Morgan County Sheriff Jim Crone told FOX31 Denver. “Nobody is going to know them, which is just the opposite; that just brings more people to our attention.”

Ramos has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, kidnapping and other offenses. U.S. Marshals, ICE agents and Homeland Security are also working on the case.

The woman was released from the hospital on Sunday. Crone said investigators were “very concerned for this woman.”

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