Muslim Student Kicked off basketball team for shooting hoops during Anthem

This is what happens when children are raised by people who don’t want to assimilate or Americanize, and is exactly why our Country is in the state that it’s in.

A Muslim student has been removed from a college basketball team in Kansas for shooting baskets during the playing of the national anthem. The student claims he has a “religious objection” to the anthem.

Rasool Samir, is a 19 year old student at Garden City Community College, in Garden City Kansas. He is now saying that his civil rights were violated after being removed from the team, the AP reported.

School officials said that Samir was removed from the team because he didn’t follow a team rule that players must leave the court before the anthem plays, not over his religious beliefs.

Samir, who is no longer a student at the college, filed a complaint with the ACLU claiming that the school violated his First Amendment rights.

“We believe any disciplinary action by GCCC against Mr. Samir for abstaining from the anthem is antithetical to our American values and a violation of his First Amendment rights,” the ACLU said in a statement.

The college’s attorney, Randall Grisell, told The Associated Press that Samir’s dismissal stems from a violation of team rules and had “nothing to do with his conduct during the national anthem, as far as the protest or any stance that he might have taken.”

Samir was confronted on the court by longtime fan Jim Howard, who said he told the player to “respect the flag or leave.” Both sides agree that a security guard eventually intervened and escorted Samir to the locker room, where head coach Brady Trenkle told Samir to return to his dorm.

Instead, the college contends, Samir followed the team onto the floor and yelled at the coach, threatening to fight him, and responded with an obscenity when Trenkle told him to leave. The school said it was unclear why Samir didn’t join his teammates in the locker room as required after pre-game workouts.

The ACLU said Samir was told by an assistant coach he didn’t need to return to the locker room because he was recovering from an injury and wouldn’t be playing in the game. The school confirmed Sami was a medical hardship redshirt athlete.

Howard, the 74-year-old fan who confronted Samir, said he has been attending ball games at the school for 32 years. He said teams routinely stay in the locker room during the national anthem and come out a few minutes after the anthem ends. Howard said he did not touch Samir, but the two exchanged words.

“I just told him to respect the flag or leave — that I had the right to listen to my national anthem and respect the flag without him out there playing. And if he couldn’t handle that then he should leave and get off the court,” Howard told the AP in a phone interview.

The college said the encounter between Samir and Howard was still under investigation by local law enforcement.

Since being removed from the team, Samir insisted he was not being “disrespectful” toward the national anthem.

The student claimed he did not “mean any disrespect at all to the fans or the flag at last night’s game. I am truly sorry to anyone that felt disrespected, and I am also sorry to the school. I apologize for what happened.”

The ACLU sent a letter to the school on November 9 demanding that the school answer for its actions.

When Millions of Children are raised by people who don’t respect our Country, our Flag, our Laws, our Culture, our History or our Traditions we get the result of fading Patriotism and anti-Americanism like this act displayed right here.

This must be stopped and it must be stopped now!

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