20-Year-Old Friends Become Youngest Black Republicans Elected in Connecticut

The future is looking bright for these two young men.

Two best friends from the blue state of Connecticut are believed to be the youngest black Republicans ever to hold elected office.

Ed Ford Jr. and Tyrell Brown, both 20, are juniors in college and plan to juggle school and public service in their hometown of Middletown, Connecticut.

Ford was elected to the school board, and Brown won a spot on the Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission.

“If you have the will to do it, if you have the passion to do it, go do it now,” Ford told reporters of the pair’s go-getter attitude.

“We wanted to get in touch with the people” and “empathize with them,” Ford told “Fox & Friends” on Sunday.

“They trusted us. They wanted to entrust us with the lives of their children and with the city really.”

“They’re going through a lot in terms of property taxes and all that stuff,” Brown said.

“Obviously you’re still going to have your haters, but let them hate,” he commented about the reaction the two have received. “I think people really need to learn how to get back to the issues.”

The pair were sworn into office on November 14.

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