Hannity: GOP ‘Is a Dead Party, Morally Corrupt, Weak, Ineffective, Vision-less with No Identity’

Fox News and rockstar radio host Sean Hannity held a special edition interview on his Radio Show on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 with Steve Bannon on Monday evening.

In discussing the DC establishment’s “nullification process” to undermine President Trump Hannity stated, “I think the only way to stop it is all of us and all of the people that mobilized in 2016 to get back, organized, fighting every day.”

Hannity continued to talk about the corruption of the “deep state,” he calls “those people within the government, a sort of shadow government within the government that have been leaking,” as in the case of General Flynn. “They destroyed this man’s life,” Hannity said.

Hannity went through the various connections between all the players behind the scenes that have worked together to try to undermine the Trump presidency.

“What we’ve now done is criminalize political differences,” he said, calling it “a silent coup.”

Hannity also slammed The GOP for their failure to repeal Obamacare, to push big ideas they led the base to think they believed in, and to provide proper oversight of the shady dealings of Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.

“Here’s my view on the Republican Party,” said Hannity. “It is a dead party. They are morally corrupt, they are weak. They are ineffective, they’re vision-less, and they have no identity.”

Politically, Hannity said, “I do believe I’ve never changed. I do believe the Republican Party left me, and I feel it is heartbreaking to me, because so many people trusted them in 2010, 2014 – Give us the House, give us the Senate – then they get the White House and they turn on a man that’s advocating the same principles that they have been quoting for years on the campaign trail.”

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