Black Lives Matter calls for boycott of “White Capitalism” until January 1st.

Looks like the Children of The Black Lives Matter organization will be getting very little this year for Christmas.

Black Lives Matter has now called for a Nation-wide boycott against “white capitalism,” according to its website, asking supporters to not spend money at “white corporations” between Nov. 25th and Jan. 1st.


“This season we are calling for a boycott of White capitalism and #BuildBlackCommunity. This means no spending with White corporations 11/24/2017-1/1/2018! They are encouraging everyone to #CurbYourConsumerism for the holidays. Instead of buying, consider donating to Black organizations in the names of loved ones as their holiday gifts. If you must buy, #BuyBlack. For a list of Black businesses, please visit and download the apps “Official” Black Wall Street for real-time Black-business mapped locations and MyClickUrban for #BlackXmas updates and Black events in your area. This is the website for Black X-Mas:”

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said on Friday that George Soros has “hijacked” the Black Lives Matter organization in order to promote anti-capitalism.

“This has George Soros funding written all over it, his movement the anti-capitalism movement, the anti-socialist movement has hijacked Black Lives Matter and they use them as a mask. They figured that coming out of the 60’s when they failed with this movement, they felt that they were too white and they needed to add color,” he said.

George Soros has funded Millions of dollars to the Black Lives Matter Movement through his Open Society Foundation, according to the Washington Times. Further pushing hate and division amongst Blacks and Whites.

Clarke said that black people of all social classes and ages will feel the pain of not shopping at “white corporations.”

“There is going to be a whole lot of young black kids that are going to be disappointed on Christmas morning when they wake up and find no Air Jordans under the tree. For higher end blacks that like the labels Gucci, Louis Vuitton, I guess not this year,” he told FOX Business Liz MacDonald on “Risk & Reward.”

The Black Lives Matter website also provided websites that list black organizations that people should buy from this Christmas.

“Socialism and anti-capitalism have done nothing anywhere in the world, including the United States to help black people,” Clarke stated.

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