New Federal report says Keeping Dreamers would cost taxpayers $26 Billion

Allowing 2 million illegal Aliens “Dreamers” to stay here in the U.S. would cost US taxpayers $25.9 billion over the next ten years, the Congresssional Budget Office said in a report released Friday.

Dreamers are the prospective beneficiaries of the DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors), legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate earlier this year to provide a pathway to citizenship for some illegal Aliens.

They would include those who’ve participated in DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), received temporary protected status, or have fulfilled certain educational requirements.

The report says that of the 11 to 12 million illegal Aliens currently in the U.S. (Way more than that) some 3.25 million would be eligible for the DREAM Act. However, the report estimates that only 2 million would apply, 1.6 million of whom would earn legal status over the next 10 years. A remaining 1 million would become citizens with that same time period, which would allow them to sponsor relatives, the report states.

DACA, originally implemented in 2012 under Obama through executive order, allowed individuals who entered the United States illegally as minors to receive a two-year period of deferred action and elligibility for a work permit.

By 2017 approximately 800,000 individuals – or Dreamers – were taking advantage of DACA. The Trump administration announced its intention to ax DACA earlier this year.

We must end DACA now and except no Amnesty. Any negotiation with DACA, Amnesty or Sanctuary Cities and States, only rewards those who have broken our laws, advertises our weakness for enforcing our laws, gives Sanctuary to criminals and worst of all funds everything with American Tax-Dollars!. Call your Congressman today and say NO!.

One thought on “New Federal report says Keeping Dreamers would cost taxpayers $26 Billion”

  1. Every day, thousands of illegal aliens enter the USA. These people cross the border and surrender to Immigration, stating they need “Asylum”. Most of them are criminals, all of them are illiterate, cannot speak nor write their own language. These people are so ignorant, that they cannot express themselves, are incapable of understanding even the simplest task. So, how can they work and support them and their families? The women had children from many, many men, and never worked, not considering ever working. Who will pay for these people’s food, housing, medical services, etc.? WE, the American people, working hard and unable to have a life of abundance and medical treatments as needed.

    Most of these women, report abuse in the hands of their partners, who also are gang members, and these women had children with these criminals. These women never get married, go and sleep with drunk men and then complain and come here.

    These men, then do the same thing. They came to USA because they work with gangs and now, they want to start a new life here! Many of those men, came because the police were searching for them to capture and put them in jail, for robbery, etc. etc.

    We need to stop this!


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