The Truth about Joy Villa

When the Joy wears off…

Joy Villa Accuses Former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski Of Sexual Assault And The Backlash From Both Left And Right Is Immediate.

Just days before Christmas, Joy Villa, the 31-year-old singer who wore the MAGA dress to the Grammy’s revealed to Politico that she was filing a sexual complaint against former Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who she claims smacked her backside at a one year celebration party of Trump’s victory at Trump International on November 28th in DC.

Villa first tweeted about the alleged incident in a December 22nd tweet where she posted a picture of her and Lewandowski at the party, claiming in the caption that the photo was taken “…seconds before he slapped my ass….”. Villa claims he slapped her buttocks again after she “told him to stop”. The article in Politico received an immediate response from the media, the democrats and Trump supporters, but perhaps not the response Ms. Villa intended.

While the main stream media began picking up the story on the day after Christmas, eager to have a new weapon to attack the Trump camp with, both the left and the right were even quicker to express their disgust not with Corey Lewandowski, but with Joy Villa herself.

The singer lost over 11 thousand followers on Twitter in the day or two following the Politico article, and has continued to lose supporters since.

Prior to wearing the MAGA dress to the Grammy’s the singer had only 15k followers, but quickly grew to over 100k followers after appearing in the dress. Her instant support among Trump voters propelled her single to number one on iTunes. With her celebrity among the Trump movement, she was able to become involved with the campaign, befriend many patriots in the movement, and even begin exploring running for office.

However, the response of her new found pro-Trump fans to her accusations against Lewandowski has been overwhelmingly negative, with thousands unfollowing and/or expressing their disgust with the singer for ‘joining the #MeToo movement’. It seems the recent frenzy of women making public accusations of sexual harassment on social media has had the effect of crying wolf for folks on the ‘right’: either people no longer believe the claims, or they presume the claims to have ulterior motives. Such has been the case with Villa, with even self proclaimed personal friends of Villa in the Trump movement rejecting her as a “fake Trumper”.

But if you thought the Left would embrace this latest #MeToo member with a claim against the Trump camp, you’d be mistaken. While most of Villa’s left leaning fan base rejected her after the MAGA dress, they didn’t come roaring back after her accusation. Comments and replies to Villa’s social media posts about the attack are filled with hate filled comments from the Left calling Villa a sell out, a “token”, or even worse racial references because of her involving herself at all with the Trump campaign. Apparently the Left only insists that “all victims are heard” if those victims are and remain democrat, and they only care about minorities that stay in their place…in the democratic party. They express only hatred for anyone who leaves the “democrat plantation” as it has been called, and are quick to use race shaming, body shaming, slut shaming and every other form of bullying the Left claims to oppose.

The response has been repulsion from both Left and Right, and Ms. Villa finds herself with no port in this storm other than the main stream news journos she used to accuse Lewandowski.

Additionally, conspiracy theories have begun sprouting up about Villa, claiming her to be a mole for the democrats, planted in the Trump movement to embarrass and undermine the administration. These theories conclude that recent suggestions Lewandoski was being considered as a new hire into the Trump administration prompted the smear campaign by Villa. They reference Villa’s early support for Bernie Sanders as evidence of her lack of trustworthiness as a “true Trump supporter”.

While the MSM has only begun to cover this story, the impact of the negative response by both left and right is already seen in the singer’s dropping number of followers and in the angry comments on her posts. After the media is done using Ms. Villa’s claim to bludgeon the Trump camp, she will likely find rebuilding her fan base, topping charts, or running for political office to be hard if not impossible due to the bipartisan nature of her fan loss.

It remains to be seen what impact the accusations will have on Lewandowski. What is clear is that whether on the left or the right, when it comes to Ms. Villa, the “joy” has worn off.

Article by: Suzzanne Monk

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