DTE Energy announces YUGE reduction in rates due to tax reform

President Trump Rocks Michigan again with another YUGE WIN!

DETROIT – DTE Energy announced Tuesday that their customers will be seeing big savings on their electric and gas bills as a result of President Trumps tax reform.

The company said that customers will see about a 3 percent reduction in their rates due to a lower corporate tax.

Read DTE’s full statement below.

The recent passage of the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will offer benefits to energy customers across the country โ€“ including DTEโ€™s utility customers here in Michigan. The reduction of the corporate tax rate will result in lower bills for DTEโ€™s 2.2 million electric and 1.3 million gas customers.

In 2018, a savings of nearly $190 million will be passed along to customers.

As this tax reduction works through the regulatory process, our average electric and gas customers will see a reduction in their rates of about 3 percent. The reduction in rates due to the tax law change will be a significant infusion into the Michigan economy as our customers will enjoy this benefit for years to come.

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