Expect Major Tax Hikes in Sanctuary Cities Starting 10/1

You have been warned!

Sanctuary Cities are schedule to lose billions of dollars in federal tax dollars if they continue to ignore, and break federal immigration law.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is gearing up to play a greater role in immigration enforcement.

Sessions recent visit to Nogales, Arizona, was significant because it is at the center of the illegal alien superhighway into Arizona.  The porous Tohono O’odhom Indian Reservation to the west, Tucson is one hour to the north, and the long, flat border that runs over a hundred miles to the east to the New Mexico border, close to the location where U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in 2010 by smugglers.

He made his case, calling for increased prosecutions of illegal immigrants, pressuring U.S. attorneys to prioritize cases against criminal migrants.

Sessions, a long-time advocate for tougher immigration enforcement, told ICE agents at the Port of Nogales, that more illegal aliens should be prosecuted as criminals.

Sessions made the visit to highlight his focus on enforcing federal immigration laws as dozens of U.S. cities try to shield illegal aliens from stepped-up prosecution and deportation efforts.

“Why are we doing this?” Sessions asked, “Because it is what the duly enacted laws of the United States require.”

Sanctuary Cities that persist in ignoring federal immigration authorities have been told by Sessions that they risk losing federal grant money. Seattle, Washington and its Mayor Ed Murray are suing, calling the Executive Order punishing Sanctuary Cities, unconstitutional.

The Trump administration has threatened to cut off U.S. Justice Department grants to so-called sanctuary cities that fail to assist federal immigration authorities.

Police in such cities have argued that targeting illegal migrants is an improper use of law enforcement resources. Sessions has said a failure to deport aliens convicted of criminal offenses puts whole communities at risk.

Under U.S. law, anyone who harbors or transports an undocumented immigrant, has crossed the border illegally two or more times, resists an immigration officer’s arrest or commits travel document fraud is subject to criminal prosecution.

This drama, with all the feet stomping temper tantrums, is going to play out for the next six months.  The new fiscal year for the federal government begins on October 1, at which time it is expected that federal money to sanctuary cities, counties, states, colleges, etc. will be stopped.

We are talking about Billions of federal tax dollars that will cease to flow to recipients who refuse to help enforce federal immigration law.  And that presents a problem to local government bureaucrats.  Knowing that most bureaucracies are incapable of cutting budgets, the money will have to be found elsewhere, and we know the state and local governments will be looking at the pockets of their taxpayers to make up for the lost federal money.

Expect tax increases to be part of the legislative agenda around the country this year, as elected officials (Democrats) move to fill the substantial gap in their funding when federal money is cut off.

Expect increases in the state income tax, state and local sales tax, gasoline tax, property tax, estate taxes.  Expect bond issues to be suggested to keep the bureaucracy funded, heaping even more debt on future generations.

And with the tax hikes, will come another reality of the result of supporting illegal aliens and thumbing one’s nose at federal law enforcement.

Sanctuary City status will then become more than just an item of debate to most workers, voters,and taxpayers.  When they learn they are paying even more taxes to support illegal aliens, perhaps we will see some pushback against the lawless bureaucrats.

If you happen to be a tax paying citizen living in a sanctuary State or City it would be in your best interest to start calling your congressmen and banning together to fight against these lawless Democrats. Fight to have your voice heard as a legal American Citizen and demand that you be put first before any illegal, or you will soon pay dearly in massive state and local tax hikes.

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