Suzzanne Monk announces Her New Chairmanship At Stand With POTUS PAC

New Era Of Patriotism Sees Trump Supporters Engaging Their Government Like Never Before.
Patriot Suzzanne Monk Discusses The Phenomenon, Her New Chairmanship At Stand With POTUS PAC And What She Is Doing To Help MAGA.
The Trump victory has ushered in a new era of patriotism and across the country Trump supporters are getting involved in their government at levels not seen in decades, if ever. Whether it be running for office, working on campaigns, or joining political organizations, pro-Trump patriots are taking on a new level of engagement and responsibility in a government by, of and for the people.
While the Fake News rambles on about the “blue rebound” they claim is coming in 2018, hundreds and even thousands of patriots nationwide are taking up the mantle of political work from a reticent Republican party and doing the work themselves to win more republican seats for the GOP to help enact the MAGA agenda.
Recently fellow patriot and friend of PFAUSA, Suzzanne Monk was selected as chairperson of Stand With POTUS PAC. The PAC, founded in 2017, was created to support the President’s agenda and the MAGA movement that stands with President Trump. It’s recent selection of Trump activist and Chicago Trump Street Team founder Monk was a natural fit for the PAC’s mission and is emblematic of a new generation of politics born in the Trump Era.
Suzzanne spoke with PFAUSA about her new position and the growing role of MAGA patriots in politics.
“It’s truly a phenomenon we are witnessing. There are patriots across the country running for office, running campaigns, or like I am, getting involved with funding and poltiical organizing. This is a new era, truly, in America, a dawning of a new generation of refounders, people dedicated to restoring America to it’s Constitutional glory. I don’t see anything like this on the left.”
While the left puts up token candidates like convicted traitor Chelsea Manning, the Trump movement has hundreds of pro-Trump candidates running for office in every state across the country and at all levels of government. Monk tells us Stand With POTUS PAC is sponsoring a database of pro-Trump candidates to be launched this month.
“You’ll be able to search by state and by office. The candidates are all candidates who openly have stated support for the president, or as incumbants have voted with the president over 90% of the time. While we encourage you to do more research, this website will be a good place to start finding pro-Trump candidates to support.”
“Stand With POTUS PAC is proud to be able to sponsor the site, because we are deeply committed to helping the president enact the MAGA agenda, and he’s definitely going to need more supportive voices in Congress. The PAC and I can help make that happen, and the database is just the beginning. We are preparing a full court press to help support our MAGA candidates nationwide, organizing and connecting fellow patriots and the MAGA movement together to help us work more effectively as a focused movement. Though the establishment is going to be tough on us, we have seen what we patriots can do in the 2016 election, and we HAVE to keep winning to make sure our 2016 victory can turn into more victories in 2018 and 2020. Our country is depending on us, and I know I for one won’t let our country down,”
Monk knows the price of being a proud Trump supporter. She and her husband were forced to close thier Chicago music store after being threatened and slandered for being Trump supporters by members of and Chicago communists. Despite the loss and upheaval caused by leftist hate, Monk’s dedication to President Trump never wavered. She and husband Alexander have relocated to the DC area, where Monk now broadcasts her daily live show Trump Talk US and heads Stand With POTUS PAC while writing and advocating for our President.
“It’s an honor to be able to do the work of making our country great again, but it’s not easy work, and I can’t do it alone. Working with Stand With POTUS has made it possible to do more for the movement than I ever could alone, and I hope your readers will help me accomplish more great MAGA things by donating to the PAC.”
Suzzanne drops us a few hints of projects to come for Stand WIth POTUS.
“We are hosting a MAGA Lounge at CPAC this year, to have a place for pro-Trump conservatives to meet and coordinate. We are also working on a fall MAGA Conference and Training going into the 2018 midterm elections. All through 2018 we will be hosting events in support of our MAGA candidates, doing voter education and sponsoring registration drives. Stand With POTUS is dedicated to doing exactly what the name says, standing with our president, just as I have ever since he came down that escalator. We are truly making America great again once project and one donation at a time. We are living in amazing times, and we finally have a chance to take our country back. And hundreds, even thousands, heck even millions of patriots are doing just that.”
If you would like to help Stand With POTUS PAC continue their mission to help our President make America great again, you can visit WWW.StandWithPOTUS.Com
You can find out more about Suzzanne Monk and her patriot work at WWW.MAGAWoman.Com and can catch her daily livecast on FB at Trump Talk US
Patriots for America USA is proud to stand with our POTUS, and stand with patriot Suzzanne Monk for all she does for our country and our president.

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