Kid Rock donates his merchandise money to voter registration

Detroit City Cowboy and American Badass, Kid Rock has donated about $122,000 from sales of merchandise from his U.S. Senate campaign to a voter-registration organization.

The Detroit Rockstar Philanthropist, who has been a huge advocate for Michigan and Detroit, teased the public for months. At a September concert, he was introduced as Michigan’s “next senator.” And had a highly successful and supported run up until October, when he confirmed he wasn’t running.

His supporters were happy to see somebody Patriotic, who supported President Trumps America First policies, unlike the radical Dems who hold the Michigan Senate Seats now.

Kid Rock’s publicist, Jay Jones, said in an email to The Detroit News that money raised from political merchandise was sent to CRNC Action, an affiliate of the College Republican National Committee that did voter-registration work last summer at Kid Rock concerts.

Ted Dooley, president of CRNC Action, says the donation was made in December. He says registering voters at the concerts was “pretty much like other voter registration work we do … except a lot more fun.”

The College Republicans will utilize the money to fight the battle against illegal voting and voter registration here in Michigan and across the Country.

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